lördag 2 oktober 2010

Camera Critters #130

After I nearly crushed thoose pretty creatures with my car I got the cam up and shot a few times... Not the best pics in the world, but you can still see what it is, can't you?

Camera Critters

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  1. Those deer look like they are happy, don't they? Nice photos!

    I came here after reading your comment on the Camera Critters blog saying one of your blogs got filled with memes, so you started another one. When I first started blogging, I did my own thing, then got involved in several memes. When I started missing the way I used to post, I cut back the number of memes I do. Camera Critters, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and Foliage Follow-up, the last 2 being once a month each, are the only ones I'm participating in right now. I am doing SkyWatch Friday on my Christian blog, but don't get it done every week.

    Memes can be fun, but I have ideas I want to post on my garden blog, and they don't always fit into a meme. It's something I've been thinking about.

  2. I do wish they had a greater fear of cars, glad they are all safe.


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