måndag 22 november 2010

Still having problems here...

Even though I have had help (Mandagstema) fixing my internet it still doesn't work the way it should. Haven't been able to participate in any memes for several days now, it takes way to long to get the pictures up.

This evening I took the time doing it anyway because I really love all those memes out there. =)

My little boy danced in the blue while his brothers and sisters went on bowling just behind him.
Blue Monday
Communal Global

onsdag 17 november 2010

Wordless - Sign

Ordlös Onsdag
Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday Memes

Things are a total mess at my place at the moment, all due to that broken telephoneline (that no one seems to find anything wrong with). The baby has to change his diapers on a table cause Mommy needs to use his nursery table to put the computer on so that it can reach the internet with a mobile modem (I don't know what it's called in english). Eight days without a proper line, feels like forever. Strange how one can become so dependent on the internet...

Onsdagstema - Trassel

For about a week ago I went out to get some air, tired of all the caughing, fever and long nights with the kids. Had to relax, had to breath for a while. I was lucky to stumble over this sunset by the lake Vänern. This picture is my contribution to Watery Wednesday this week.

Luckily for my sister and her boyfriend the internet is not needed for me to photoshop some pictures for their friend who just turned 40. His old car in a picture made old in photoscape is my contribution for a meme called Sepia Scenes.

Last, but not least, a couple of pics on my babyboy discovering snow last week. Theese pictures represents White Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday.

I'm happy that you all are patient with me putting all memes in one post. I would have to stand by the computer for hours otherwise. =)

This entire post is for Wordful Wednesday. Haven't been participating there for a long time, but this week I felt like I wanted to. =)

Have a nice day all of you guys out there! =)

tisdag 16 november 2010

Tuesday Memes

At this point I'm starting to get quiet tired of my telephoneline. Something is terrible wrong and no one seems to find a solution. To not have a working internet is worse than having all of my six kids quacking around my feets all day like a quadrillion ducks or something.

To not be able to blog the way I like to makes me qualified for some kind of institution soon. This is my way to breath after a long day, taking care of my loved ones, by myself.

To have internet raises the quality of my life and when I can relax a little bit in front of my computer there are less quarrels with the kids too.

I wish that this stoneage line I'm on now would be as quick as my kids are when they flies by like quicksilver, but noooo, I'm standing here and it feels like I'm sinking deeper and deeper into a pile of quicksand.

I hope you all are ok with me putting all today's memes in one post, just like yesterday.

For ABC Wednesday I was going to make a quiz, but since this post is full of Q, the quiz will have to wait for the next round. ;) In my frustration over the failing net I made a mistake... Haha... Q was last weeks letter... GAH. But well, There are a lot of R in this post too, enjoy! ;) *lol*

Well this is what today looks like in my home, this is my world at the moment. To see other peoples worlds go check out That's My World!

Ruby Tuesday - This is what it looked like outside three weeks ago

TisdagsTema - Känslor/Feelings
Communal Global

Foto för Alla - Trött/Tired
Took this photo in the beginning of this year, kids grows up way to fast!

Have a superb tuesday all of you out there, see you again tomorrow! =)

måndag 15 november 2010


Since my internet went down and I still haven't got the new equipment needed to fix it (it should be here around thursday they told me) I have a hard time to enter all photomemes that I love so much!

Using something that feels like internet from the stoneage makes me wanna pul off my hair in desperation.

But here are some photos for several memes in one post. Under the photos are the links to the memes they are meant to represent. I hope you don't mind, but getting more than one post up would take far to long time when the net goes down now and then. Start and restart, do and redo...

Blue Monday - Frosty Flower

Mosaic Monday - Playing indoors a rainy day

Macro Monday - Frost early in the morning

Mandagstema - Frostiga mönster på en ruta/ Patterns from ice on a window

Mellow Yellow Monday - Roses