måndag 22 november 2010

Still having problems here...

Even though I have had help (Mandagstema) fixing my internet it still doesn't work the way it should. Haven't been able to participate in any memes for several days now, it takes way to long to get the pictures up.

This evening I took the time doing it anyway because I really love all those memes out there. =)

My little boy danced in the blue while his brothers and sisters went on bowling just behind him.
Blue Monday
Communal Global

10 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Shannara
    il tuo bimbo è veramente meraviglioso !!!
    Mi piace molto la foto per il giallo lunedi e il rosso martedì.
    Buona giornata.

  2. These are very pictures of frozen dew !

  3. What a sweet boy blue you have, Shannara.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Computers are great when they work right. Trust you soon will get your issues resolved. I loved each of the photos today. That precious little boy is darling. Very nice shots of the ice. Glad w do not have that yet.

  5. The ice crystals look like little pave diamonds. And I noticed your little boy had a red dinosaur on his shirt for Ruby Tuesday, too.

  6. Beautiful photos! Happy MM!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  7. Vilka fantastiska iskristaller! Perfekta bilder. Din lilla dansare är ju bara för gullig!

    Erika B

  8. It is easy to see the dancing little boy has a lot of rhythm. And the snow picture below with the lacey edge looks beautiful but chilly. My world in southwest BC has snow right now. This is unusual so early in the season. During cold winters, it is good to go bowling. :)

  9. Nydelige bilder! Likte godt det første bildet med "lillegutt"! Herlig!!


Tack för att du har något att skriva ;)