onsdag 31 mars 2010

Ö som i Ödla / L for Lizard

ABC i ord og bilder har nått till Ö, som INTE är den sista bokstaven i Norges alfabet. Se, jag lär mej. =)

ABC wednesday has reached the letter L this week. L is for Lizard!

Förlåt om jag tjatar nu, men kika gärna in på Shannara's SaturdayMix. Temat som gäller fram till fredag är RUND och nog finns det väl runda saker att hitta när påsken närmar sej?

And please check out Shannara's SaturdayMix!

A new photomeme

First theme in this new meme, called Foto för alla, is something related (berör). This is my contribution!

My little easterboy

Wordless Wednesday
Ordlös Onsdag

tisdag 30 mars 2010

Wednesday again

A couple of days ago me and my kids were in the big town shopping, when we went home we didn't go the ordinary way so it took about half an hour of extra time home.

But it was worth it. I had time to talk to my kids without them running away, doing something else. =)

When we just had a short way to go the fog came out of nowhere and we stopped by the creek and watched it. We could'nt see from one side to the other even though it's not far.

The picture above is my contribution to White Wednesday because of the snow, that I hope will disappear very soon. It is also my contribution to Watery Wednesday because of the water in the creek. The calm water, with great reflections of those things standing out there. Somehow I always forgets what they are called.

Just when we had parked at home a big group of jackdaws flew over our heads and I caught one with my camera.

Both pictures are taken outside so the post goes for Outdoor Wednesday as well.

When we got inside my younger kids were just adorable to each other, playing calmly and let everybody play along.

Here is one of the boys kissing their babysister. K is the letter reached in ABC Wednesday this week so in my post K is for Kiss. And since I'm obviously trying to beat some record about how many memes I can fit into one post I made this picture look old to make it fit in Sepia Scenes too. =)

And now I have filled this post with more text than I usually do just to make it fit in Wordful Wednesday! ;)

Have a nice wednesday all of you and I would be very happy if some of you could concider to maybe participate in my new meme called Shannara's SaturdayMix, it's open until friday and this weeks theme is Round!

Hugs Shannara!


Blev ett foto från arkivet idag då de här små gynnarna inte tittat fram än. =) Men särskilt snabba är de inte i vilket fall. Bilden är tagen för ganska exakt ett år sen! I år ligger fortfarande snön 15 cm djup på de så kallade gräsmattorna.

Fler tolkningar på långsam hos TisdagsTema.

måndag 29 mars 2010


Om man söker i en synonymordlista på ordet Lidelse, som är dagens temaord i Mandagstema, så får man upp bland annat passion och begär.

En av mina stora passioner här i livet är choklad...

...och störst begär har jag efter Schweizernöt från Marabou... Mmmm

My World Tuesday - Borgvik, a story of a murdered child

As I told you last week I'm going to try to retell a story that my grandmother told me long time ago.

My grandmother lived in Borgvik as a child and when she still lived she told me so many stories about her life as a kid and as a young woman.

One of the stories were about "Anna on the chamber".

This woman, Anna, died when my grandmother was just a baby and she heard the story from her parents.

Anna was a maid and did get three children with different farmhands. The first boy lived with her parents and his father did send money now and then. The second boy, the one she murdered when he was eight years old, lived with her in an old shed. The third boy died at an age of seven weeks in whooping cough.

Well, here is how my grandmother told the story...

Anna lived with her boy on a small island, in a little cabin that belonged to the society that helped the poor people back then. One day when Annas brother came to her and her boy with some food he found the boy strangled in the bed and his mother first said that he died from beeing ill.

This happened in the year 1899 and after her beeing examined as mentally healthy she was sent to prison in Mariestad.

She came back eleven years later and people talked behind her back and used her to scare their kids with when they couldn't behave.

I thought this story was very interesting and after searching the internet I found an article written by someone else who had heard the story and found out more about Anna. (the whole article in Swedish)

In this article I learned that Anna had asked her sister for help before everything happened and from the jail she sent a letter to her sister and asked her family to take good care of her oldest boy and to give the boy that she killed a good funeral. The letter is both full of compasion for her kids and anger towards her sister and the rest of her family for not helping.

I also found out that she first tried to poison her son with some acid used to kill rats (chrome), but when he ran out and spit out the coffee she felt she had no other choice then to strangle him with a rope. She tried to hang herself with the same rope too.

She was sent to prison, even though she appealed twice no one changed the lifetime sentence, but because of her behaving so good she was released after ten years. She stayed another year, working in the kitchen to get some money to go back home.

1911 she was back in Borgvik and was allowed to live in a small chamber in one of the workers buildings near the church. She lived there, made stuff out of tree to provide for herself, until 1934. Then she was to old to manage by herself and was moved to a place for old people. She died in 1936 and no one knows where she is burried.

I hope that someone got thru this text and maybe found it interesting. I do, but my english skills are not the best so I can't translate everything correct.

I guess there will be more stories from my grandmother and Borgvik later on. =)

For other peoples posts about their world, please visit That's my World.

And if you like to join a new photomeme make a stop at Shannara's SaturdayMix, open until friday. This weeks theme is Round.

Happy Easter

With this contribution to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House, Smiling Sally's Blue Monday, Mellow Yellow Monday, Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos and Ruby Tuesday I want to wish you all a Happy Easter.

(We're still ill, don't know what caught us, so I'm taking the easy way out this week too. I'm sorry if someone don't think it's ok to use the same post for several memes.)

If you find your way here want you please come and join my new photomeme, Shannara's SaturdayMix. Open from Saturday to friday. I would be happy to see you guys there! =)

söndag 28 mars 2010

Förra året

Bildligt Talat

Fototriss - Sju

Jag hade en aningens problem idag. Hittade två bilder med sjuor i som jag ville använda. Knäppte några kort på enkronor för att få till en tredje bild, men när jag väl gjort det så kunde jag inte välja en av bilderna så min triss fick bestå av enbart mynt istället... hmm.

Här är de andra två bilderna som en liten bonus =)

Fler sjuor hos Fototriss!

Glöm nu inte bort att delta i min nya fotoutmaning, Shannara's SaturdayMix också! =) Veckans tema är RUND.

fredag 26 mars 2010

Shannara's SaturdayMix #4 - Round

This weeks theme at Shannara's SaturdayMix is ROUND. So go snap a photo of a cirkle or a ball or something and join in by clicking the logo below.

And because my little round porclainball up there is black and white it fits perfect in Ailenis Monochrome Weekend too. It's also my contribution to See it Sunday where the theme is ONE this week.


Mer tecken hos Sinneskatten och Tema Fredag.

Glöm inte nya Shannara's SaturdayMix, nytt tema kommer upp sent ikväll. Välkomna in!

Bildverkstad - Förvräng

Det här är den bild som jag använde.

På detta första foto använde jag förvrängning och valde där virvel och ställde in hur kraftig den skulle vara.

På den andra bilden använde jag istället illusion under förvrängning och valde nummer 12. Därefter beskar jag bilden för att få solarna centrerade. =)

Som vanligt har jag använt programmet PhotoScape!

Gå in till Bildverkstaden för att se andras resultat.

Glöm inte nya Shannara's SaturdayMix, nytt tema kommer upp sent ikväll. Välkomna in!

torsdag 25 mars 2010

Flower from the summer

Oh, I miss the summer. I miss it more beeing ill as I am today. All my kids have the flu too so we are just a bunch of lazy, tired people walking on each others nervs at the moment.

Therefore this beautiful flower will be my contribution for both Blooming Friday, Today's Flowers and Shadow Shot Sunday this week.

And don't forget that there's a new meme in town ;) Shannara's SaturdayMix, new theme coming up at late friday or early saturday (swedish time). Please feel free to join in!

Skywatch Friday - Burning skies

The sky rise above the roofs outside one of my windows. It's lovely to see.

For more friday skies please visit Skywatch Friday and Looking at the Sky on Friday.

And if I don't leave many comments this round I'm sorry, but both I and all my six kids have a major cold.

And because of me beeing ill I'm taking the easy way out and makes this my contribution for Scenic Sunday too.

As a bonus I'll put in a photo from this evening, also shot from my apartment. The sun tries hard to shine thru just before sunset.

And don't forget that there's a new meme in town ;) Shannara's SaturdayMix, new theme coming up at late friday or early saturday (swedish time). Please feel free to join in!

Förr i tiden - Åren går

Här är foton på min mormor och min farmor då de gifte sej. De får idag representera "Förr i tiden" som är temat hos Torsdagsfoto denna vecka.

Min tanke var att använda denna post även till ABC i Ord og Bilder. Tyckte den skulle passa perfekt för Å, åren går å blablabla... Men så upptäcker jag att Ä tydligen kommer före i det norska alfabetet =) haha. Eftersom jag mår allmänt urkass med en grym förkylning i kroppen och sex lika förkylda barn så har mina halvdöda hjärnceller nu jobbat på så gott de kan och räknat ut att den här posten kan passa in på Ä också.

Hur undrar ni säkert nu. Lätt, de är ju min ÄLSKADE mormor och ÄLSKADE farmor, eller, var i alla fall. Saknar dem båda något så infernaliskt. De var båda lätta att prata med, jag kunde ÄLTA både stort och smått, de visste alltid på råd.


And don't forget that there's a new meme in town ;) Shannara's SaturdayMix, new theme coming up at late friday or early saturday (swedish time). Please feel free to join in!

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Sepia Scenes #76

Another view from Venice is my contribution for this weeks Sepia Scenes.

If you reads this why not check out my new photomeme, Shannara's SaturdayMix. A new theme every saturday and then it stays open until friday. This weeks theme is "From Underneath".


I'm going to start this post by giving my apologize for not leaving so many comments, I do look at all the contributions in the memes where I participate, but at the moment I have three ill kids at home. =(

Every summer, except one, since 2004 we have spent a week at the swedish westcoast. Unfortunately we no longer have access to the apartment where we use to live. Both the kids and I are very sorry about that. It has felt safe to be at the same place from year to year. The kids knows every cliff to climb and have friends there.

Well, last summer I took pictures of lot of Jelly-fish.

Since that starts with a J this post is perfect for ABC Wednesday. It also fits well in Watery Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday, Wordful Wednesday and (at least I think so) it also fits in White Wednesday.

If you have reach all the way down here why not check out my new photomeme, Shannara's SaturdayMix. A new theme every saturday and then it stays open until friday. This weeks theme is "From Underneath".