måndag 8 mars 2010

My World Tuesday - The Old Marketplace

In Värmlands Nysäter we have an old marketplace that have been there since the 18th century. Theese little cabins are unique, nowhere else has so many of theese buildings been preserved.

This area were already populated at pre-historic time, which the old mound, called Olofs- or the Kingsmound, shows us.

They have found that this market has existed since, at least, 1756. Officially it stopped in 1869, but instead they held a weekly market there every weekend untill 1933.

After that it took until 1984 before the marketplace was re-opened and now we have this old market once a year, and a collectors market one time a year too.. There are even animlas there like in the old days (at the old market thing).

From the start there were about 70 small shops (or sheds?), now only 23 of them remains.

If you ever go here, don't forget to look at them. They are open twice a year, but they lay in the middle of Nysäter in a lovely area which always is open.

Unfourtounatly I don't have any pictures without snow, but I will write about this again in summer when the market have been held.

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  1. What an interesting place to go....Christine

  2. I'd love to visit this place! Beautiful scenes caught by your lens!

  3. What a fascinating post about such an interesting place that I would love to visit! Love your photos and look forward to more in the spring! Delightful! Wishing you a great week!


  4. Vilka underbara julkortsbilder! Vilken pittoresk miljö!

  5. Fascinating. I love all the old buildings you can find in Sweden.


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