lördag 6 mars 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #94

Two boys on the ice, reflections and shadows from the sun!

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6 kommentarer:

  1. The little boys leave much taller shadows. They are dressed for the cold, and are ready to play outside. A day of fun on the ice!

  2. What fun! And what long shadows they make! I love it! Marvelous shadow shots, Shannara! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Will this winter ever end...but boys always know how to make the best of it...good show!

  4. oh wow I like your photo, this is perfect for today's meme, thanks for sharing

  5. Wonderful, looks like a fun day!

  6. A Winter Wonderland is complete with the shadowy antics of children on its slippery ice. Fun Shadow Shot!


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