söndag 29 augusti 2010

Bildligt Talat

Bildligt Talat
White Wednesday

Today's Flowers #108

Today's Flowers

Market at the old marketplace

This weekend the yearly market in old style has taken it's place in Nysäter. We woke up to rain and thunder, the only weather that we don't want this day of the year.

Even though the rain kept falling until four in the afternoon we went out after the thunder stopped. There aint no bad weather, just bad clothes... ;)

The poor man who held the opening cermony had no listners...

An old-fashioned market must have some kind of animals. =)

Other years they have had both cows, pigs and small animals like rabbits, but this year they only had different kind of birds...

Homemade candy is a must at markets and we saw five different places where they sold it. We bought it from the best, ofcourse! =)

So many umbrellas all over the place. Had to be lucky to be able to reach something to buy... ;)

The old marketplace... (read about it here>>)

My two oldest kids refused to wear clothes that held the rain from the body...

My youngest fell asleep in the rain, it did'nt seem to bother him at all!


In the afternoon, just before they closed, the rain stopped pouring down and me and the little one's went back to the tivoli. Guess how happy they were that they could go for a swing in the roundabouts? They even got a surprisebag each! =)

"Look mom, it's a tiger!" =)

A long day that ended with more thunder. We lost the phonenet, internet, water and electricity during the evening!!!

Since I have a busy week in front of me I'm going to put this post up for several memes... And as before I hope you don't mind! =)

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Have a great week all of you!

Macro Monochrome - Wasp

Macro Monochrome

måndag 23 augusti 2010

My World Tuesday - Two happenings in one week

Last wednesday it was my birthday. Most often not much celebrated, last year my family totally forgot about it. But this year was different!

The father of my young one's had my mommy to babysit all kids and then he kidnapped me. He took me for shopping and to dinner in my favourite restaurant (which I haven't been at for about SIX years).

The day after my six-years-old started school! My god, they grow up way to fast!

In a hurry to go to school...

Finally there, at the old school...
...bravely walking up the stairs...
...but then hesitate a bit.

First task in school... Draw your house!

First recess ever, eating an apple and looking at the other kids before running out and play along!

This has been my world the last days... =)

Have a happy week all of you!

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