söndag 28 februari 2010

Yellow fish

Going thru my archive the other day I found theese pics and it just said Mellow Yellow Monday to me. =)

Bubbles in the blue

Blowing bubbles, summer... I'm tired of winter now, I'm tired of snow...

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Bildligt talat

För mer bilder utan förklaring kolla Bildligt Talat.

The old thing

I have had a couple of questions about what "the old thing" that I took these details from.

Well I took them from this thing that I believe are supposed to look like an ivory. It hase lots of details in it, I guess you'll see more of that later on.


Hos Macro Monochrome är temat fransar denna veckan och mitt val föll genast på min underbara dotters ögonfransar.

lördag 27 februari 2010


The theme for this weeks See it Sunday and Fototriss is GOLD. I found this golden snake, birds and turtle on an old thing that I got from my grandpa long time ago when he was still alive.

Have a nice week all of you!

Shadow Shot Sunday #93

More Shadows can be found at Shadow Shot Sunday.

Made an easy one this week, my little girl broke her leg last monday and that takes a lot of time and I have a hard time leaving the house when I have a baby and four older kids too.

Monochrome Weekend

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Wordless Wednesday, all week long.

fredag 26 februari 2010

Sun at last

Last wednesday we had some sun, cold sun, but at least SUN!

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Visitkort / Buisness card

This weeks theme at Bildverkstaden is Buisnesscard.

I took this picture (from wednesday, one of few days with sun).

And with PhotoScape (love that program) I shrunk it to 260 pixels on the long side. Then I made a line around the picture and after that I did put in some text in the blue sky.

Another easy one from me, but at the moment I don't have much time. Haven't slept much since monday when my two-year-old broke her leg.

Have a nice weekend all of you.

Love Shannara!

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Energi i Wolframtråd

Hos Sinneskatten och Tema Fredag handlar det denna vecka om energi och energi behövs för att få en lampa lysa. I lampan sitter dessutom Wolframtråd, vilket passar utmärkt in på ABC i ord og bilder som nu nått fram till bokstaven W.

Använder man en del av sin fantasi så kan man se färgerna orange, brun och beige i bilden också.=) De färgerna är denna veckas färger hos FredagsFärger.

Something old, something new

Some old frozen roses

Some new tulips

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Skywatch Friday - Halo

Maby it is a little bit hard to see, but there is a halo on this photo. The first one I ever have seen with my own eyes.

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onsdag 24 februari 2010


Torsdagsfotos tema denna vecka är färgsprakande. Jag kom genast att tänka på dessa sommarfoton då jag såg temat. Mina ungar höll på att bli knäckta på mej då jag kröp omkring på backen och fotade påväg till badplatsen! =)

Photos from Austria

As I told you last week I hardly remember ever leaving this country. I also told you that I thought my interest for photography were something new, but I guess I was wrong.

This are some photos from a place in Austria that I visited when I was 16 years old. I don't remember where it is so if you see something familiar please let me know.

Here we go (a quick one this week because I'm so tired, my daughter broke her leg late monday and it still hurts at night).

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Rose in Water

A quick one for Watery Wednesday and Mosaic Monday (I know I'm late, but my daughter broke her leg so I sat at the er at monday to tuesday).

New day is rising

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Sepia Scenes #72

The lake Kierskie Male in Kierkz, Poland. I took this photo years ago when I visited a friend in Poland.

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tisdag 23 februari 2010

F is for Fantastic

This Fantastic painting is made by my two years old daughter. I have been facing it for hours and I see so many different things in it! I just love it. It's fabulous.

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My World Tuesday - Old Homestead Museum

Two photos from Nysäters Old Homestead Museum. There are a third building there too, but I don't have a good photo of it. I do have lots of summerphotos from the place, but they are full of other people so this will have to do. There are some more photos at this link Hembygdsgården.

The heritage centre in Gillberga is a log-cabin from the early 19th century with a turf roof. It was before a homestead. There are also two other buildings.

The "big" house has one room and one kitchen with a oven and a open fireplace.

I'm sorry it got so short this week, but my youngest daughter (who is two) broke her leg yesterday evening so I've spent the night at the ER.

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Climbing and it's result

A photo of yesterdays chaos. Not the best Macro in the world and probably not the best sporty photo either, but I want to show my little girls foot that she hurt yesterday evening. I have been sitting at the hospital for hours and had no chance to shoot any new photos. And climbing counts as a sport, doesn't it?

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måndag 22 februari 2010

Colourful Frog

This little yellow and blue frog is my contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday at Smiling Sally and Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos. It will also represent me in Wordless Wednesday, all week long.

söndag 21 februari 2010

Shining like a sun

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Bildligt talat v.8

Fototriss - Oväntat

Under 2009 hände det mest underbara oväntade mej. Den mest oväntade av alla mina sex barn, men, måste jag påpeka, lika önskad och älskad som alla sina syskon!

Helt oväntat fick jag ett plus på stickan.

2009 the most unexpected happened to me. The most unexpected, but, I must point out, as loved and wished for as all the other kids, child in this family were born.

Completely unexpectedly I discovered I was pregnant.

Lika oväntat fick jag sen veta att graviditeten gått ganska långt redan. (Jag skulle visst ha blivit gravid ungefär samtidigt som min älskade Molla gick bort, en omöjlighet.)

Equally unexpectedly, I was then told that the pregnancy gone quite far already. (I would certainly have become pregnant around the same time as my beloved Molla died, an impossibility.)

Och mitt i sommaren kom det lilla oväntade plusset ut och visade sej vara en alldeles underbar, perfekt liten kille.

And in the middle of the summer the unexpected arrived. A beutiful, perfect little boy.

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