tisdag 23 februari 2010

My World Tuesday - Old Homestead Museum

Two photos from Nysäters Old Homestead Museum. There are a third building there too, but I don't have a good photo of it. I do have lots of summerphotos from the place, but they are full of other people so this will have to do. There are some more photos at this link Hembygdsgården.

The heritage centre in Gillberga is a log-cabin from the early 19th century with a turf roof. It was before a homestead. There are also two other buildings.

The "big" house has one room and one kitchen with a oven and a open fireplace.

I'm sorry it got so short this week, but my youngest daughter (who is two) broke her leg yesterday evening so I've spent the night at the ER.

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  1. what a cute little building...the snow looks like it belongs right on top of it, nice photos! Ack, I'm sorry about your daughter's leg- hope if heals quickly!

  2. imagine that, it's so old and still standing, amazing! i hope your daughter's leg will heal faster.

    My world is here.


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