söndag 30 maj 2010

Picnic in the botanical garden

The following two weeks, from now until the school ends for the summervacation I'm going to be very busy so this post is going to represent several memes for this whole week. I'm sorry if you ends up feeling like deja vù has struck you if you enters my post more than once. ;) Look at it this way, you may find another meme that you have missed, but now finds out that you would like to participate in. ;)

In the end of last week me and my six kids went to the botanical garden in the city. I haven't been there since I was a kid myself. We had a great time eating cakes and icecream, laughing and running around looking at the trees and flowers from all over the world.

Well after about two hours and fourhundred pics the kids got tired of me and wanted to go home. =)

Here are a bunch of the photos that I took...

Lots of Yellow in the post too! Mellow Yellow Monday.

There were a lot of Tulips in full bloom at the moment which makes this post perfect for ABC Wednesday that reaches the letter T this week.

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos

This picture, among other red flowers in this post, represents Ruby Tuesday.

A little pigeon for Camera Critters.

A part of my family represents this weeks Thursday Challenge where the theme is Family.

Can you see the sparkels in that tiny little rainbow in the middle of this picture? Well I can and therefore this post fits in Photo Hunt Where the theme this week is Sparkle/s

This entire post are for My world Tuesday, Wordful Wednesday, Outdoor Wednesday, ABC i ord og bilder (H för en HÄRLIG utflykt), Today's Flowers and Shannaras SaturdayMix where the theme next saturday will be flowers (a hint to you all, the meme goes up at 22,00 friday night GMT)

I hope you found some pictures that you liked in here and I hope that you don't mind me doing this... I was about to say that I took the easy way out, but I just found out that this post took me two hours to fix. =)

Have a great week all of you!!!
Love Shannara!

Today's Flowers #95

Flowers growing around the house where I have my apartment.

Today's Flowers

Please stop by and visit my photomeme, Shannara's SaturdayMix. This weeks theme is the Sky!


Macro Monochrome
Bildligt Talat
Wordless Wednesday all week long
Mandagstema - Svart och vit

fredag 28 maj 2010

Monochrome Weekend

Monochrome Weekend

Don't forget that there is a new theme presented in Shannara's SaturdayMix tonight (GMT).

Shannara's SaturdayMix #13 - The Sky

More Skies at Shannara's SaturdayMix. Please join in and play, just click the logo>>

Scenic Sunday #98

Scenic Sunday

Don't forget that there is a new theme presented in Shannara's SaturdayMix this evening (GMT).

Tema Fredag - Annorlunda

En, för mej, väldigt annorlunda gran som växer i stadsträdgården i stora staden! (kanske var det asiatisk gran?)

Fler annorlunda bilder hos Sinneskatten och Tema Fredag.

Nytt tema uppe på Shannara's SaturdayMix nu ikväll! =)