lördag 31 juli 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #115

Shadow Shot Sunday

Summer Stock Sunday
- In the garden surronding our house (I live in an apartment) theese flowers are growing. The butterflies seems to love them, and so does the bees and flies too. When we were out earlier today there were about 25 butterflies, but every time we got close enough to the plant for photographys they fled.

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Camera Critters #121

Have been looking after my neighbours guniea pigs... Sweet, right?

Camera Critters

fredag 30 juli 2010

Shannara's SaturdayMix #22 - Experiment

I decided to use Photoscape (a great, free program for photo editing) and experiment with a photo I took the other day of some grass filled with droplets from the rain

The only thing I did was to choose colours and then changed the nuance of the colour... Easy but pretty nice results I think...

More experimenting can be found at Shannara's SaturdayMix, just click the logo below to go there. And feel free to participate yourself. =)

This post also represents Mosaic Monday

The Weekend in Black and White

The Weekend in Black and White (earlier Monochrome Weekend)
Macro Monday

torsdag 29 juli 2010

Tema Fredag - Musik

Eftersom min stora tjej spelade in "Hero" med min usla webcam tidigare idag så blir det inte en bild utan en låt jag bjuder på i veckans Tema Fredag! =) (Hoppas ni förlåter mej för att det inte är ett foto då det hela egentligen är en fotoutmaning)

Sunset in four directions

Yesterdays sunset...

Skywatch Friday

Looking at the Sky on Friday

ABC runda3 - P

Idag tog jag mina småbarn till hjälp för att hitta saker på P.

Plättar eller Pannkakor var det enda självklara valet för min sexåring... Det är hans favoritmat!

Min lilla dotter, som är en spindelmannenPrinsessa om man får tro henne själv, ansåg att Pärlor var det naturliga valet.

Medan min snart femåriga son tyckte att jag skulle välja Prydnadssaker.

Nu har jag gjort dem alla tre till viljes! =)

ABC i ord og bilder

tisdag 27 juli 2010

A whole year past by

This week my little angel, my little number six, my darling babyboy turned one. We started the morning by giving him his birthdaygifts.

Then he helped his mom doing the dishes after making a birthdaycake.

Filled with strawberries and white cream at the top. Tasted lovely!

Big boys cuts their cake by themselves. Right?

After a long, happy day my little princess put her little brother to bed. Are'nt they adorable?

Wordful Wednesday
White Wednesday
ABC Wednesday, Round 7 - B is for Birthday!

Watery Wednesday #98

Watery Wednesday
Outdoor Wednesday
Scenic Sunday

Foto för alla - Smetigt

Lillkillen kladdar med sin tårta igår på ettårsdagen!

Foto För Alla

måndag 26 juli 2010

Tillbakablick Juli

Idag är det exakt ett år sen som min yngsta son såg dagens ljus. Så vad kan representera juli för ett år sedan bättre än sista kortet på min mage och min nyfödda sötnos?

Tiden flyger fort...

Besök Tillbakablick hos Helena på Bildbloggerian för att se vad andra delar med sej av!

My World Tuesday - Vikingating

This weekend we had Vikingating (I don't know how to write that in english, but it's kind of a gathering of vikings). Down by Byälven a whole village of Vikings and knights are built and medieval markets are held. This year they even had a wedding.

Most of the village, the museum and other things around this place stays all year around. (Read my earlier post about the museum and Glad of Gillberga here>>)

Here is an explosion of photos from this event.

At the market you could buy your own outfit.

In the village

Many of the persons, vikings, have been living here several weeks, some of them the whole summer to fix everything.

The trousseau

This is like a labyrinth, called Stendansen (stone and dance, stonedance)

The bride, bridegroom and their follow on the way to Stonedance for the first part of the cermony.

Walking to the place for the actual wedding.

Husband and Wife

Glad of Gillberga

The runestone, made by hand. They laid the last hand on it at saturday.

If you break the law, then this is the punishment. Beeing stuck in this thing...

Last, but not least, there where a big field filled with old games. The kids loved it!

There were so much more. Tournaments and other activities... I can't show you all of it, I did'nt even see all of it myself. =)

My world Tuesday