måndag 5 juli 2010

My World Tuesday - The old Stone Bridge

Sweden´s longest stone arch bridge can be found in Karlstad. With its 168 meters and twelve spans, the Old Stone Bridge is a massive and immense edifice.

The bridge was built 1761-1811 and crosses the east river branch of Klarälven connecting the two districts of Haga and Norrstrand.

It was built of stone taken from Lamberget in Karlstad.

The master builder of this enormous construction project was Anders Jacobsson.

According to the legend he took his life by jumping off the bridge. He did this because he doubted the bridge´s supporting capacity. But this is just a legend with no truth in it. Anders Jacobsson died 1804 in his home at Segerstad west of Karlstad.

My World Tuesday

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  1. Wow. Vad vackert den är. Just fabulous stone work!

  2. Beautiful bridge and terrific captures as always, Shannara! Interesting history! Have a wonderful week!


  3. It's a lovely bridge and I am amazed it is in such good shape. What a talent to build this bridge. Even today a bridge like this would take a long while to build.

  4. great shots..
    Have a sunny Tuesday!

  5. That's really beautiful.

  6. Lovey views, particularly the last one with reflections and all. :)

  7. Wow it is so beautiful.

  8. aloha,

    i love seeing your photograph, the bridge is spectacular and drammatic, thanks for sharing.

    my tuesday is a hike on my sari sari blog

  9. it's actually beautiful and I like it that it's well-maintained.


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