måndag 5 juli 2010

Wild Strawberries

Summer, wild strawberries... Yummy! =)

Ruby Tuesday
Communal Global

And I found a new challenge today, Summer Stock Sunday. One day late, but I guess it'll work anyway! ;)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful image!Happy Ruby TuesdaY!

  2. It will definitely work anyway - welcome to Summer Stock :).

    Gorgeous looking strawberry, I'll bet it was delicious too.

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  3. I love this shot! Now I need to check out Summer Stock Sunday. Hmmm.

  4. Oh my word. This picture is just astoundingly beautiful! So sensational and sweet. What a treasure you captured. I am very glad you took the time to link it to Communal Global. We are glad to have you come over for a visit.

  5. Nothing tastes more beautiful than wild strawberries


Tack för att du har något att skriva ;)