lördag 31 juli 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #115

Shadow Shot Sunday

Summer Stock Sunday
- In the garden surronding our house (I live in an apartment) theese flowers are growing. The butterflies seems to love them, and so does the bees and flies too. When we were out earlier today there were about 25 butterflies, but every time we got close enough to the plant for photographys they fled.

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Terrific shadow shot for the day! Love the butterflies and the lovely flowers! Beautiful colors! Hope your weekend is going well, Shannara!


  2. Lovely photo, love the softness and the colours and of course the shadows.

  3. Great shot. Colorful and clear!

  4. Fantastic shot, all those shadows are remarkable. Love the butterflies.

  5. Your very own butterfly garden, how magical!


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