tisdag 27 juli 2010

A whole year past by

This week my little angel, my little number six, my darling babyboy turned one. We started the morning by giving him his birthdaygifts.

Then he helped his mom doing the dishes after making a birthdaycake.

Filled with strawberries and white cream at the top. Tasted lovely!

Big boys cuts their cake by themselves. Right?

After a long, happy day my little princess put her little brother to bed. Are'nt they adorable?

Wordful Wednesday
White Wednesday
ABC Wednesday, Round 7 - B is for Birthday!

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  1. Golly - six children. I bet your day is busy busy busy. I like very much the photo where he is cutting the cake.

  2. Happy birthday, Milo!! The cake looks scrumptious!

  3. Awww, so sweet. My goodness, 6 kids. How do you do it? Happy birthday to your youngest.
    Oh, and the cake looks almost too good to eat.

  4. A beautifully fancy birthday cake! What a fun day it must have been...

  5. we have 1 six-y.o.; enough work w her!


  6. Man, with six kids, you are Superwoman. Patience and Organization must be your middle names.

  7. oh my gosh, so very adorable! & What a wonderful big sister.
    Happy birthday Milo!

  8. Oh my gosh! SIX! And how they all love each other (oh, I know they fight too). I grew up in a family of six. You must have a LOT of energy or exhausted all the time! That cake looks yummy, the children are all adorable! What a full life!
    Wait until they become teenagers! : )

  9. What a beautiful cake! Happy Birthday to him!

  10. Such beautiful children and a charming birthday cake and a young man's first "wheels" -- a wonderful blog but I am so, so tired just reading about your days! I send you ENERGY!
    Thanks for a delightful contribution to the world of B,
    ABC team

  11. you are really superwoman for having 6 kids. Happy birthday to your youngest. i love the last pic of your kids. so cute.

    god natt and see you next week.


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