fredag 23 juli 2010

Skywatch Friday - Love is in the air

The other day the sky looked like this when I got up in the morning and after a little while it started to rain for hours...

In the evening the sun came thru, making a silver line on the clouds... I ran downstairs to take some better photos of the silver line, but it had vanished in the short time it took for me to run down two floors from my flat.

A little disapointed I turned my head a 180 degrees and saw this cloud... Made me happy!!!

I'm sorry that I have showed this picture earlier this week too, but I love it! =)

Skywatch Friday
Looking at the sky on Friday

8 kommentarer:

  1. All three of your sky photos are super, superwoman. The little puffy heart does make me smile, the silver lining is hopeful, but the first shot is extraordinary... I don't think I've ever seen clouds formed that way.

  2. those cloud formations are miraculous!

  3. That top photo reminds me of an angry ocean. The second is so serene, in contrast to the first.
    And heart-shaped clouds? Who wouldn't love that?!?

  4. Wowza...a heart shaped cloud...I haven't ever seen that. Nice job!
    Joyce M

  5. Great different cloud captures, perfect for Skywatch Friday. I've never seen a heart as clear as that last one!

  6. I like the gray clouds on top, best. There's an undercurrent and texture there.

  7. awesome shots of the sky.. i like the 2nd one..the rays of light looks like the angels are coming

  8. great perfectly heart-shaped clouds. i love it!

    by the way, i am now following this site. hope you could follow mine too.


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