tisdag 20 juli 2010


I have six kids, two beautiful girls and four amazing boys... My little two years old girl adore her sister, who is thirteen, and want to be like her.

My little number five wants to be like her big sister and sings the same song as her... "Greatest Love of all". She is so cute when she sings and even though we don't speak english she sings real good. Unfourtonatly she goes quiet every time she notice the camera so I can't film her, but I filmed her sister singing in the church...

My rockstars! ;)

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Golly she has a most mature sounding voice. I am very impressed. How old is the older sister? Are you accompanying her on the piano?

  2. En musikalisk familj! Måste bara åxå kommentera att det är nog den mest organiserade bokhylla jag nånsin sett! ;D

  3. What a great voice she has! And both of your daughters are so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing the video and the shot of your younger daughter! Terrific post for the day! Hope all of you have a lovely week, Shannara!



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