onsdag 5 maj 2010

Our cat got missing

Our cat got out yesterday. She is an indoor cat and has a disease so that she needs special food.

She is still missing.

Yesterday we went looking for her several times.

The small kids ran over the fields, examining every shadow and stone to see if the cat were there.

We found some berries on an old dry bush since last year...

We found flowers...

We found a wagtail...

We even found a small spider...

But we couldn't find our Sessie.

Last evening me and my oldest daughter went looking with the car, checked an old house where the cellar had open windows and looked at the fields again.

The only thing we found were some swans and two cranes far away in a field...

My poor girl, I suffer with her. Tomorrow is her 13th birthday, a big day, but how fun is it to celebrate when your lovely animal has gone missing?

My heart is bleeding for her. It is painful to hear a child cry her eyes out, it is painful to her a child cry herself to sleep. Where is my magic wand when I need it most? I hope the cat comes home soon or that someone finds her and calls!

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5 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so sorry about your missing cat! Hopefully she'll come back soon - they can be clever at hiding, my aunt's cat escaped and she found him under her back deck a month later - a little thinner, but fine! :)

    Great pictures during the search, though! The spider did creep me out... ;)

  2. I feel sad for you too. I hope your cat finds his way home soon!

  3. Hoppas ni redan fått tillbaka er katt. Håller tummarna. Kram/Gela

  4. Vackra bilder. Hoppas att ni hittat katten nu!
    Annars brukar katter oftast hitta hem när dom blir hungriga så det finns gott hopp.

  5. That spider doesn't look small to me. IT LOOKS HUGE and scary!


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