lördag 8 maj 2010

PhotoHunt - Mother

Now I'm going to show you some of the pictures I usually don't share with anyone. Pictures on me from giving birth to my sixth child. In the last picture the little babyboy is up on my chest and he is a little bit messy with some blood and some white stuff (that I don't know the english name of) so if you are sensitive about things like that you are now oficially warned. =)

A last shot of the BIG tummy when I have went into labour...

Checking the stats of the baby with CTG...

In pain, a few minutes before the baby is out...

Sweet little baby, soon one minute old in this picture!

More "Mother-pics" at PhotoHunt.

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8 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, very privileged indeed,

    You are an incredible mum. Not many woman have 6 kids these days.

    My mum had 9.

  2. Great series of photos. Congratulations.

  3. Viktiga och minnesvärda foton du delar med dig av till oss. Sex barn är en riktig bedrift! (Själv har jag bara 2).
    Barnen är ju det bästa man har.
    Ha en bra lördag!

  4. Fabulous and honest series of Photos from real life.
    Hurra, seks barn er inte dårlig. Her ble det "bare" fire. Lykke til i "Kaoset".

  5. Åh så fina bilder, jag blir alldeles tårögd av detta stora ögonblick!

  6. A miracle!! I love your photo it says everything, a mother is worth loving no matter what. Happy Mother's day!

    Mother Nature

  7. I've got to say this would be the winner if there was a contest for most sensitive of the theme posts. Superb angle on the theme this week.

  8. Gosh - you are extremely courageous putting these pics up for general viewing - and admiration. They certainly are spot-on for the theme.

    PS. I would've called the white stuff for "goo";-). And now I know from whom your kids inherited these gorgeous eyes. I also learned that your 13-year old daughter is a Xerox-copy of yourself. Ds


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