torsdag 6 maj 2010

Skywatch Friday - Skies from this week

Putting up my post early today because it's my oldest kids 13th birthday today so when she comes home from school I have'nt got time to be stuck here.

She has already got a new cellphone and after school she is going to a hairdresser to cur her long hair and change the colour.

To bad though that we have'nt found her cat yet. Third day outside now and no one seems to have seen little Sessie.

Well, here are four skies from this week...

More skies at

SkyWatch Friday
Looking at the sky on Friday

9 kommentarer:

  1. Nice captures! I really enjoyed the pictures!'

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  2. Lovely, delightful captures, Shannara! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Very stunning photos!! Happy weekend!


  4. Mycket bra, I especially enjoyed da first 1. Happy SWF!

  5. Fantastiska bilder :)

  6. wow cool shots, love the fireworks!

  7. THat first shot is marvellous. Happy birthday to your teenager! Grattis!

  8. i love the shots. its like we are really seeing up from your eyes to the sky. happy bday to your daughter too!

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