måndag 23 augusti 2010

My World Tuesday - Two happenings in one week

Last wednesday it was my birthday. Most often not much celebrated, last year my family totally forgot about it. But this year was different!

The father of my young one's had my mommy to babysit all kids and then he kidnapped me. He took me for shopping and to dinner in my favourite restaurant (which I haven't been at for about SIX years).

The day after my six-years-old started school! My god, they grow up way to fast!

In a hurry to go to school...

Finally there, at the old school...
...bravely walking up the stairs...
...but then hesitate a bit.

First task in school... Draw your house!

First recess ever, eating an apple and looking at the other kids before running out and play along!

This has been my world the last days... =)

Have a happy week all of you!

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  1. It was a big week for you! Your birthday, your favourite restaurant, and your six-year-old's first day of school!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you … glad you had such a happy time. Ah … that first day of school when so many emotions rush through our minds, for both parents and children. Your son appears to have taken well to the newness and became playful very early on. This is a good sign for the future! :)

  3. What a joy to see such peacefulness and beauty at a school - do not dare to compare them to those over here. May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

    daily athens

  4. Wat a whirlwind world. Happy Birthday in retrospect and best wishes for your new birth year. So glad you were made a fuss of.
    Isn't if hard to let them go? At least there were not 30 children in the class or six hundred in the playground which is more the norm here.
    I hope he thoroughly enjoys his new adventure.

  5. Wow, how thoughtful & romantic! Lucky you. Belated Happy Birthday.

    I see a lot of changes, but they look like good changes. How time flies. :)

  6. Belated happy birthday! Love the old school - looks fun and small. I agree - the kids grow up way too fast.

  7. First day at school is the first big event in a child's life. Lovely pictures for later.
    Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a fab day.

  8. happy birthday! it's really sweet that he kidnapped you to treat you for some nice meal. Your kid is cute.

  9. Wonderful photos! Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a real nice birthday dinner. Your son looks cute on his first day of school. They do grow up fast.

  10. Happy birthday! It is always a happy sight to see kids playing outside=) ~~olive~~

  11. Happy Birthday to You! That looked like a wonderful dinner, I can see why it's your favorite place to go!

  12. Happy birthday, looks wonderful.
    Here in New Zealand our children go off to schol at 5, They are very grownup by 6 really. He will be fine and life will really change for you.


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