måndag 2 augusti 2010

My World Tuesday - Kolmården

Since my car has been broken for a couple of weeks now I did'nt know what to show from my world this week.

After a while I remembered that me and my kids have been to Kolmården four times through the years so this time that is what I'll show you. Even though theese pics are from 2006 it still looks the same there. =)

We stayed at Vildmarkshotellet (Wilderness Hotel) when we went there and they have their own entrance to the park.

When we had conquered the long steep road up the montuin with strollers and other stuff this is the first we saw. Seals and sealions.

We went to see the dolphins in a show directed by the Swedish artist Markoolio.

Then we went to see the animals at the different parts of the park the first day.

At the hotel they had rooms filled with activities for kids in all age. There were a room filled with videogames, disco, storyteller a sea of balls and lots of lots of things to play with in three more rooms.

In the morning, after having a lovely breakfast, the kids got painted as animlas (if they wanted to).

The second day we visited the big playground in the park, with lots of sliders and things to climb, swings to swing and a pool to swim in.

We also went to the little village where Bamse lives (a bear that gets strong eating honey that grandma cooks).

After that we went to the big aqurium where they have built a little rain forest were birds, little monkeys, turtles and fishes are so you can walk among them.

Behind glas the more dangeorus species are held.

And last of all we went through the safari park in our car. There were all different kinds of animals. From mooses and flamingos to wolfs and lions.

I could go on for hours showing you pictures, but I guess this is enough for now. =)

Have a great week all of you out there in the blogosphere!

My World Tuesday

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  1. Nice series, wonderful photos

    Regards, Bram

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  2. May time and life continue to treat them all kind. The huging picture is incredible ! Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  3. Great pics. Kolmården is fun for all ages! We usually go there every year.


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