måndag 23 augusti 2010


Camera Critters
Macro Monday
Mellow Yellow Monday

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  1. Great Macro insects though I don't want any of them as close as that ;-)

  2. Good morning,
    Your creatures make me shiver and shake :-)
    Do you know that earwigs (145.jpg) can and will bite? It happened to one of us this summer and the knee and lower leg swelled up to twice its size. It was an extremely painful surprise.

  3. Ahhhh ... the world is full of creepy crawly yellow things!!! You have presented us with wonderfully clear photographs. tHey are a joy to examine. I guess there is a lot of red and yellow in nature to ensure that others get the hint that they re dangerous and we should all keep away.

  4. They look creepy when focused near...

    Btw, I'm Christian and I just followed you...Can you add me please?

    You can view my entry here: http://superyan23.blogspot.com/2010/08/mym-jollibee.html

  5. great macro shots... those pictures made me shiver and shake as well... especially the third one...


  6. Verkligt fina närbilder på olika insekter. Inte alltid så lätta att fånga.

  7. Looks like you got a little too close and personal with some of these critters! LOL Fabulous captures!

  8. The bee photo is very interesting - love the light!


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