måndag 22 mars 2010

My World Tuesday - Borgvik

Borgvik was a central place already in the 14th century. There is a preserved medieval document describing an agreement between the tenant of the mill and the Catholic Church who owned Borgvik at that time.

After the mill was shut-down, an iron mill was driven by water power from the 17th century until 1925. From this mill they delivered iron to the Eiffeltower by the way.

Karl XII visited Borgvik on his way to Norway in 1718. He wanted to grant Borgvik a town charter but as we know, he did not return from Norway and Borgvik did never become a town. The church of Borgvik was consecrated the same day the king died, on November 30, 1718.

Lots of houses are built of the biproduct that came out during the making of iron.

This are some big cementstones built during the 2:nd worldwar to prevent enemytanks to get from Norway to Sweden.

I do have more to say about Borgvik, but now I have two sick kids to look after. Maybe I'll tell you a story about a women who killed her own child in 1899 next week... My Grandmother lived in Borgvik and she told me a lot of storys while she was alive.

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  1. When I hear this history, it reminds me how relatively young Australia is, as a country.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. What a interesting and fascinating post for the day! Love your history and always enjoy hearing the stories of different places! Wonderful photos as well!! Hope you have a great week, Shannara!


  3. Vilket intressant och informativt inlägg och vackra miljöbilder!
    Hoppas dina små snart mår bättre!


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