onsdag 13 april 2011

Outdoor Wednesday #113

I'm back, after a near-death-experience because of a "killerbacteria". Have been at the hospital four times, the first round I was there for about six weeks. Now I hope I never ever have to go back!

I still have a long way to go before I can use my leg properly, but I'm alive!

I decided to start participating in all those photomemes again just because they makes me happy! =) Maybe I'll heal faster. ;)

Here is my contribution for this weeks Outdoor Wednesday.

At the playground

3 kommentarer:

  1. We missed you. Glad you are back. My husband when asked how he is he says "I'm on the right side of the flowers." See you next week. Take it easy. Don't over do it.
    Joyce M

  2. Aww isn't big bro a darling!
    Great pics.

  3. What a precious post. It puts off lots of happiness and love.


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