måndag 14 november 2011

Blue Monday - Remember last summer again

Can't help myself... But I'm really longing for the summer allready. =)

Blue Monday

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  1. Please add Blue Monday link:


  2. I can feel you! ♥
    That little man in the photo is so cute!

    Hopping from Blue Monday.
    Call Me "GREEDY!"

  3. In Texas it is supposed to be winter, but still having 84 degree weather. I do not like real cold weather, but this is not normal.

  4. That's a precious photo. And, always,water blues are wonderful! I'm in Texas (too, I see LV's comment). There's been a lot of drought and things dying before fall even hit. Fall is just kind of odd this year . . . and then frosty to humid and hot. Yes, a day at a beautiful beach like that, you betcha! Thanks, Jenn


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