tisdag 14 september 2010

Minor flooding

We have had a lot of raining here lately. Boring! I took theese picture the day after the rain stopped. I had a lot of water in my garage... A minor flooding in the area...

...but the kids were happy though! What could be more fun than using the chest for toys as a boat? =)

Unfortounatly the water found it's way into the rainboots. Luckily the kids helped each other with that little problem! =)

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8 kommentarer:

  1. Thank goodness it is only “minor” flooding. Water in small doses and in confined places, like boots :) , is harmless but it can also overwhelm. Glad everything is under control in your corner the world!

  2. oh my I hate when that happens we always get water in our basement! thanks for the reminder to start picking things up off the floor.

    HOPE you didn't have any thing get ruined

  3. Indeed! Thank God for the "minor" flood we can post for Watery Wednesday!

  4. Signed as one of your follower. Follow me back pls....

  5. Glad the flooding wasn't worse - and that the kids had a great time splashing in the water, in spite of the water in the boots! How cute they helped each other out with that! :)

    WW: Why I Like Kids

  6. That was a lot of water! I was thinking earlier it was good that the kids had rain boots on until they got rain in them as well!


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