måndag 21 juni 2010

My World Tuesday - Ferry

Just about 10 km from here the smallest ferry in public service is located. It's called "Byälvan" (small village + fairy) and the creek it crosses is called "Byälven".

There are a timetable, but the ferry never goes by it. If the man who operates it is not on his lunchbreak the ferry runs whenever a car shows up, or a bike or people on a walk for that matter...

Sometime between 1930-1940 an accident happened where a little girl drowned. My grandmother, who lived nearby and went to school at the same time as that girl, has, among other stories, told me this story too.

The schoolbus had just left the ferry and went up that little hill that you can see on the photo above. When the driver should shift gear something went wrong and the bus went backwards down the hill and ended up in the water.

One, very shy, little girl was seated in the back and kind of frooze and couldn't move when it happened. The bus got under and she drowned while all the other kids got out. Sad story...

After this the ferry wasn't allowed to leave shore before the vehicles had reached the top of the little hill.

The view from the ferry during the short ride of a minute! =)

My World Tuesday

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  1. Such a sad story! Interesting post and great captures as always, Shannara! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. that is indeed a sad story. but i like the fact that the ferry would take any passenger who happen to arrive.

  3. And still it does look like a bit of a fairy-tale place. Wishing you always a safe road ahead and a nice Tuesday as well.

    daily athens

  4. A very sad story indeed ...

  5. We have one of these left in Sydney but we call it a punt rather than ferry.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs


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