måndag 14 juni 2010

My World Tuesday - Old School

This is the old school in Värmlands Nysäter. I don't know when it was built, but I know that my grandmother went to school there some year during the 1930-1940.

The school is still in use and my two oldest kids have attended their first three years in school there. After the summervacation my third child starts his first year at the same school.

From the begginning the upper floor were where the teacher lived and in the lower floor they had two classrooms.

Not much has been done to the building, but there are a new roof and new stairs at the front.

Nice old windows. On the upper floor they have classes for the seven- and eightyearsold children and on the lower floor for the sixyearsold ones.

At the side of the school the old stairs still stands...

On the back of the school there were toilettes when my Granny were a kid. One side for boys and one for girls. I haven't got a clue what they have there today though...

My World Tuesday

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  1. Underbara bilder för en som älskar gamla hus. Ha en fin kväll/Gela

  2. Realy nice building full with memories :)

  3. A lovely building in continuous use.

  4. I like the idea of several generations attending the same school which looks like it's still quite serviceable. (I also see your lilacs are blooming!)

  5. How marvelous that it has been in use as a school all these years! And how delightful for your children to know about all their family members that have attended school there! Great tradition in this ever changing world we live in! Have a great week, Shannara!


  6. Oh, I love the red painted wood of Swedish buildings!

  7. it's wonderful that this school has served generations of children. thanks for sharing your world.

  8. A grand old building. So nice that it hasn't been pulled down.
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  9. A beautiful school with so much tradition for your family.


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