tisdag 15 juni 2010

Wordful Wednesday - Going for medals

The children woke up at seven last saturday morning, wondering when it was time to go to the big city, eager to run! Half an hour before the start we had been able to find a parkinglot, the father had met up with us and we headed to the starting area where we also met up Mini Batman and his parents.

The numberlabels (?) came on and the kids warmed up a bit sporadic ...

Snufflan smiled most of the time, at least to begin with ...

Snotti waiting to start ...

... And also Mini Batman in his new, cool haircut!

Puddeludding started in the last line of the first start, but ran as fast as he could against the frontrow. I had no idea that he could be so fast, just that he is strong and durable! He ran so fast that I did not get to the finish area to catch him. He got lost among the thousands of people who thronged in the area. Thankfully his bigger brother found him and he was just a little angry that he had gotten away from us, more proud of his medal!

Goding was so in love with his medal, that he did not let go of until we were home!

(Mini Batman, Snotti, Puddeludding, Goding and Snufflan with their medals)
The whole team, "Crazy Cousins" set themself up willingly (ehrm) in front of the photographer, Mommmy Aunt Shannara! ;)

A successful day without whining and jealousy among the small kids and without whining and fractions from the big ones involved! We did not even have rain, but was about to blow away! (It started raining just when we got in the car.)

The whole thing was celebrated at Max with Sweetie, her mother and bigger siblings. Then my big boy went with them home to the big kids grandmother and grandfather to spend a few days with his father.

One happy day even though we have a cold... =)

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