tisdag 27 april 2010


During the last days me and my kids have been out a lot. Making our own adventures in the woods and other surrondings.

From this little creek...

...to buildings that has collapsed under the great amount of snow that came down this winter...

...to cranes escaping from us...

...and old pieces of a fence.

We discovered that blue anemones does'nt necessarily have to be blue. They comes in pink...

...blue or purple...

...and white with blue edges.

Last, but not least, this bigger creek coming down from the woods.
I could go on forever and ever showing you pictures from the last few day's, but them I wouldn't have any photos left for the other memes. ;) Feel free to look around in my photoblog if you find theese pics interesting, there are more!

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10 kommentarer:

  1. Great photos, everything looks pretty and natural. Wish more places still looked that clean.

  2. great pic's thanks for sharing

  3. Pretty...very pretty. The snow did that damage? Wow..

    My WATERY WEDNESDAY...do stop by if you get a chance.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love your superwoman picture.

  5. Great photos! Looks like you have had a great time exploring these past few days.

    ~ Tracy

  6. BEAUTIFUL! It's so good for kids to get out in nature like this! That "blue or purple" flower is amazing. I love the bokeh, wow!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend quality time with family. I would love t shared the stroll with you.

  8. Very lovely scenes. You live in an interesting area. Hope you'll stop by if you have time. Jane F.


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