torsdag 29 april 2010

The sky from 8,46 to19,20

Changing skies, All photos from one day!

More skies at:
Skywatch Friday
Looking at the Sky on Friday

More Blue and grey at FredagsFärger

Number four also represents the theme in Tema Fredag, which is waterlife. This is a picture of our creek that is now five times bigger than it is supposed to be...

12 kommentarer:

  1. Very nicely captured skies!!!

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  2. Jag ser, va fina de är. Vitsippan underfrån var läcker:-)

  3. Love the first one - never can be too many flowers or blue skies.

    Hope you're feeling better xo

  4. Fantastic variety of clouds, colors and skies! Marvelous captures, Shannara! Very dramatic skies in your world this week! Hope you enjoy a great weekend!


  5. Beautiful set of sky photos.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Great sky shots.. I love the flower stretching out to greet the sky in the first one.

  7. gorgeous skies! difficult to pick one i like most :)

  8. Nydelige bilder alle sammen, og virkelig en oppsummering av våren.

    Fin helg til deg.

  9. all so beautiful Shannara...that blossom at the top is just stunning against the clear blue sky!

  10. That one day sure had a lot of sky changes...I am guessing you might have ended with a rainy night. Beautiful images to compliment those skies!


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