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My World Tuesday - Execution

This week I'm going to tell you another story from Borgvik, the earlier one's can be read here (story of a murdered child) and here.

On the way to the place I'm going to tell you about today we passes this little pond.

My grandmother told me that they once found a naked, dead man in there, but they couldn't tell how long he had been there and if he had been killed or not. They found him in the peat that are there and peat is well known for preservation.

When you travells through surrondings like this it is hard to believe that I'm standing on the place where they executed people a couple of hundred years ago.

The last one to be executed by beheading and then burnt at the stake was Britta Jonsdotter.

In Borgviks book of death it can be read that 1759 a little baby girl was found, dead, in Borgviks river. Her mother had killed her right after giving birth. No one knows exactly why, but I guess it is'nt hard to figure out.

Britta was young, not married and had been raped by the father to the child, a creepy, married man, second lieutanant Bengt Ekenström.

After beeing found the little child was burried north of the church, where they normally burried criminals and people that had comitted suicide. Someone wrote in the book of death "Why was that poor child burried there?" And I too wonder what that child had done to be treated that way?

Britta Jonsdotter were sentence to beheading after a hearing and she was blamed for beeing raped as well.

Bengt Ekenström were beeing questioned about the rape and after telling he was sorry to the three people there he was free to go.

Bengt Ekenström was married to a women called Sara Maria Borgström. After a while she wrote a letter to the court where she told that he did not only beat her, he did sleep around a lot too, making many womans life miserable. Among others he tried to get his mother in law to go to bed with him.

This man died in prison later on, where he had been sent after a duell with the mayor Israel Gadd, who was the father of Sara M Borgströms son, Peter Gadd (who drowned in Klarälven). Complicated... It's like reading a soapopera...

Well, at the 30th of May, 1760, Britta Jonsdotter were executed and in 1979 some people put up this stone to remeber her (and other people that had been executed before her).

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  1. Such a sad story for such a lovely place! But what a fascinating, historical post, Shannara! Your pictures really do capture the feeling. Hope you have a great week!


  2. A sad story but so very interesting. Thank you.

  3. aloha,

    wow, how very tragic, but everyplace has a story

    thanks for sharing your world today.

    viva la france is going on in my sari blog today!

  4. What a gruesome story in such beautiful surroundings.

  5. This one sounds like BONES TV show.


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