måndag 19 april 2010

My World Tuesday - Gylterud cave

A landslide cave with galleries and halls formed at the intersection of two rift-valley systems.
In Värmland there are no caves in the sense of rock shelters, i.e. that the cave has been hollowed out from the mountain.

According to the legend the cave is the entrance to the castle of the giants Bergdöse and Bergkulla. The neighbouring farm is Tomta and as they lend out their cauldron to Bergkulla they got it back full of the giants’ power potion. Thanks to this they finished the hay-making in three days instead of three weeks. All in Gylterud are said to be related to Bergdöse – and as strong!

We visited this place that is not to far from here in the summer of 2008.

Starting the trip to the cave...

Can you see the opening up to the right in this picture?

Going in...

Inside the caves first "room".

Outside the cave. The mountain had some great patterns to take photos of.

The nature around was stunning with small creeks and waterfalls...

...lots of blueberries...

...and great things to shot at where ever I turned my camera!

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  1. What a fantastic place, Shannara! So beautiful and such interesting history as well! Just the kind of place I love to visit and your photos are the next best thing! Love the blueberries and the waterfall and the last shot of the trees is awesome! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Sweet kids, a great place, and a fun story of giants!

  3. What an exciting place to explore! I want to go with you next time! But, I'll need a few minutes to get there...just love these!

  4. I found your blog on "My World" because I've been looking around for some more interesting Photography blogs done by people who enjoy it and produce photos that are nice and interesting to look at. I'm very glad I ran across yours, it is very comfortable and enjoyable. I'll be back to look again. These are great shots of the cave and I really liked your earlier one with the shadows including the boy on the swing. Nice job.

  5. Your photos are beautiful but the last one is my favourite. The trees look spectacular!

    Best wishes,

  6. That first photo really is a case of 'bag, where are you going with that child?'
    Great photos!

  7. As ever, thanks so much for contributing - always appreciated.
    Denise (ABC Team)

  8. Great exploration of nature. Wonderful shots too. Hope you have a nice day. :-)

  9. What a wonderful place to explore, something amaing to see at every turn.

  10. Great pic, and clever way to tackle three topics at once.

  11. The first photo is so cute, I have a similar one of my son taken 10 years ago.


    I saw my photo last year. Your photo reminds me so much. My boy is now 13.


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