onsdag 7 april 2010

Young and Old

My grandma (I miss her and I guess I will for every day the rest of my life) and my youngest daughter two years ago. I love this picture!

My grandmother were a very special person, the one of a few old people that remembered how it was to live in every age. She remembered how it was beeing a child, beeing a teenager, beeing a young woman, beeing a mother and beeing old. She told me a lot of stories about her life and everyone was welcome in her home.

One of the stories she told us was from when she was a child and the second worldwar went on. There were soldiers placed in the forests around here in case of any country decided to take over Sweden.

She told us about how the kids around the village went with coffee and bread to the soldiers. Talked to them and played with them. It was a different world back then.

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  1. Underbart foto. Du har tänk som mig du ser jag ;0)

  2. Så vacker och sensibel bild...Mmmm....

  3. Härlig stämningsfull bild!


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