tisdag 13 april 2010

Sepia Scenes #79

Last sunday we had a perfect spring-day outside. The kids played in the mud and when the baby were sleeping I sat down and just enjoyed beeing in the sun.

Me, sitting in the sun.

I used the sepiafunktion on the camera to take a photo of a tree filled with small buds.

After a while I got bored at just sitting so I went to take some flowerpics. Guess I looked kind of funny crawling around in the mud just to take pictures from underneath the flowers. It look great against the cloudless sky.

When the small kids were asleep I went outside the house for a little while, just to try and capture some swans that flew by. As it was pretty dark and I only have an ordinary compact camera the shot did'nt turn out the way I wished for.

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Det var din dag det:-) Mycket orangeton i dina sepiabilder. Jag gillar din flowerpics bäst. Hade,

  2. Fun series of shots!
    I love the closeup of that flower that you crawled around in the mud to get. ;-)

  3. Im a macro guy, definitely the 3rd picture is my favorite.


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