onsdag 21 april 2010

The world turned white - again

This morning I woke up because one of my daughters were crying. As I looked out through the window I knew just why. She was furios and sad, the snow was pouring down outside, covering the world in white.

It's soon may, it's not supposed to snow now, is it?

Well, my daughter went totally crazy, screaming that her birthday must be cancelled if there is one single spot of snow on the ground the day she turns thirteen. It's about two weeks away, so I guess we might have to skip it then. ;)

I was not to happy myself looking out that window, seeing the flowers beeing draped in snow. And my rhubarbs that just have come up are white. =(

Well, even if I don't like this kind of white it is WHITE and this post is going up at White Wednesday and since it do have a lot of words in it, it fits right into Wordful Wednesday. ;)

6 kommentarer:

  1. As much as I love a snowy Christmas, I feel for you. We have had snow in the middle of May, and that is well into Spring for us. I hope it doesn't ruin a birthday.

  2. Mother Nature really has been whacky this year, hasn't she? Here's hoping the snow is all gone so your daughter won't have to cancel her birthday! :)

  3. So sorry about the SNOW...maybe this will be the last of it! HAPPY WW!


  4. Beautiful photos today. I'm sending you warm wishes today and hopefully this will be all the snow you get this year.

    Take care,


  5. Oh Wow, how beautiful the flowers look coming up thru the snow, but I am thinking it will probably kill them! Am I right??? Sure hope not, cause they look like they are gonna be beauties.
    Hope it doesn't know for your daughters birthday anyway!!
    thanks for sharing the pretty pics.
    Blessings for a good day,

  6. It's lovely and white but I hope it melts soon. Time for summer, no? -- Jane F.


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