tisdag 8 juni 2010

My World Tuesday - Mariebergsskogen

Outside the big city (about an hour from here) we have, like a big playground and a place called Naturum where kids can learn about animals in our environment.

Last weekend we went there and spent some hours in the lower part of the park. We never went up to the place where they have animals (from the farm).

There are an area with strange stuff, technics and big instruments...

...and a little pond that you actually are allowed to play in, but not to bath in... (there are also a beach in the park).

They also have a garden that you can stroll around in and look at flowers or just to sit under the shadows from the trees...

...a labyrinth...

...strange mirrors and lots of other stuff...

In Naturum you can feel on fur from different animals like bear and wolf...

Outside there are an area with birds and a tower where you can watch them from...

And of course there are about six or more different "ordinary" playgrounds and a miniature golf course, basketball and beachvolley.

Some statues here and there to complete it... =) A big wolf in bronze...

...and this one is called "flight" (I think)

This one is called "Under the sun".

And the best of all, it's free! =)

My World Tuesday

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  1. Mycket lekar i dina bilder - härliga ungar och fint väder - kan det bli bättre?!

  2. Great shots. Love the ones through the ropes! Happy WW! Drop by and link up.


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